Links in Facebook Incorrect (JetPack Publicize)


We found another issue that is a bit annoying.  All of the links we posted to Facebook about our new recipes and blog posts are wrong.  We are using WordPress’ JetPack Publicize plugin to automatically announce new posts on Facebook and Twitter.  For some reasons it posts the correct link to Twitter, yet posts an incorrect link to Facebook.

For example, all of our Facebook links look something like this:

While the correct URL should be:

The issue appears to be with the category missing from the URL (the “recipes/withimages/” part).  If it is missing from the URL, it goes to the 404 page.

We are looking for a way to resolve this and have contacted WordPress for support.  In the meantime, we installed a plugin called 404 Redirected (author website) to list suggested posts.  The post you are looking for is typically the first result on the suggested post list on the 404 page.  This is a temporary solution until we fix it so that it redirects correctly.

Once we figure out the fix, we will post the fix.  Thank you for your patience while we resolve these issues.


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  1. The Husband says:

    I am not sure what happened, but after I submitted a bug report, WordPress has seemed to have resolved the problem. It must have been on their end. All new links in Facebook are correct now.

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